Sunday, 19 October 2014

east london's not a bombsite, it's a treasure chest

I felt these Wombats lyrics from the song Techno Fan were extremely appropriate for this post. We drove up to London again today to pop into in the British Library and wander down to Columbia Road's flower market, as I'd never been before and was hoping for some flowers I could later press, or some cacti to add to the dangerously ever growing collection.

We arrived in London at around 11, beginning at the British Library and accidentally stumbling upon the nearby North Gower Street where they film Sherlock. I immediately positioned myself before the door, along with a few other Sherlockians. We all shared a knowing smile as we took our turn to pose, much to the amusement of the flat's occupient, who came out halfway through with an expression that read ' oh not these geeks again'.

 After mooching round the Bloomsbury area of London for a few hours we took a bus down to Shoreditch high street. The vibe in Shoreditch and East London in general is so warm and lively, everywhere something  is taking place and shops boast bright window displays and hanging signs. The atmosphere is so welcoming compared to some of the cold spots around central London. The area that surrounds Euston is probably not one of my favourites, it feels like everyone that is there is trying to get somewhere else and although it's true for most of London- no one acknowledges each other.

We had lunch in a small local cafe that marks the start of Columbia Road Market that went by the name of Maison Dellys. It had beautiful original oak floorboards that gave a satisfying creak as you paced around on them, and the walls were panelled wood with a peeling white paint. The staff here were so lovely and the prices were incredibly reasonable, as lunch for all three of us was £11. I might also add that I can honestly say it was the best tea I've ever had in a cafe, (you know how tea in cafes is never the same as the tea you make at home). After refuelling we headed down to the flower market and were met with a throng of people. The street itself is fairly small, with the two sides lined with cutesy independent shops in an array of colours with quirky names, but the street inbetween is crammed full with stall upon stall of flowers, in bunches and pots mixed with whole branches and individual cacti, flowering in every colour fathomable. There are so many people that at some points you feel as if you are going to fall straight into a flower bed, people pushing you frustratingly from every angle. However, the prices and friendly atmosphere make the hoard worth it.

On the walk back to the tube station we walked through Tower Hamlets suburbia. Cottages with overgrown gardens are nestled inbetween blocks of flats in a juxtapostion of classic Victoria London and modern cheap housing. I hope to study in London when I go to University and areas like Shoreditch, which are just out of the city but not too far out are where I dream to live.

Hope you've all had a good weekend, I spent my Sunday night eating apple and pecan pie and catching up on various blogs. Half term is calling and I'm hoping to go away to Brighton for a few days, I will try and blog before then, but if not, have a good week or two!


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Thursday, 9 October 2014

i was living on the westside

I have concluded that if you take a visit into Cambridge town centre, you must take at least one photo of a bike propped precariously up against railings.

These photos are from a few weeks back now which feels odd, when, along with my Textiles class, I paid a visit to a couple of museums in Cambridge as part of our new GCSE theme ' Cabinet of Curiosities'. Upon first glance, it seemed like a relatively exciting theme, and I think I have a good idea in mind for my final piece, (something along the lines of a mini cabinet, tying in things such as collage and embroidery) but the museums were a slight disappointment. I was hoping for glass cases brimming with large arrays of butterfly species, or rare arterfacts from long forgotten expeditions- not rows and rows (and rows) of shells. Shockingly, after 10 cabinets or so I really had seen enough shells, rare or not. The layouts of the cabinets were what really interested me, the tiny calligraphy scribed neatly onto tiny printed cards, arranged perfectly in burnished oak desks, with draws labelled in cutesy typewriter print. I spent the majority of the visit listening to the Kooks' new album whilst taking badly lit photos and attempting feebly to draw rocks and shells.

Lunch was a wild goose chase. One of my best friends Anne-Claire and I cried at the expenses in M&S as we longed to look cool and arty whilst munching on quinoa outside one of the colleges. Sadly this did not happen and we ended up walking round trying to direct our other friends on the phone whilst quickly stuffing our faces with crisps on the wall outside Kings College. I wore my new midi skirt all day, teamed with a plain black tee and my 1461 Doc Martens. My mum made the midi skirt for me although I had not worn it out yet, but loved the floaty hippy like effect and the intricate Liberty print style fabric. On the train ride home we bought grapes and apple crisps which were exceptionally delicious and laughed until we cried and listened to Lana del Rey and Catfish and the Bottlemen.

In other not particularly exciting news, I am longing for a Cocoon coat, preferably in a burgundy/wine or sophisticated navy.  My evenings have been spent watching various series whilst sprawled on the sofa munching peanut butter and day times have been spent getting back into the school routine which has not fared well. Year 11 is filled with controlled assessments and revision and rushing and open evenings and mock exams. Walking round Cambridge simply reinforces my yearn to live in a city, not Cambridge itself but hopefully London, doing a subject I love at University, writing about anything and everything surrounded by culture. I am now off to listen to some weather appropriate music in bed, farewell!


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