Thursday, 4 September 2014

flower gardens and fifties diners

kimono and dress-both New Look

Me and my dad noticed this house had paint samples on the side so posted a note through their door scribbled on the back of an envelope which read ' go with the duck egg blue'

  Ahoy there! This first lot of photos is from a week I just spent in Holland with my mum, I got back on Monday night and immediately proceeded to drink a real proper cup of tea that wasn't pink (don't ask), horribly flavoured, or just plain weak with no milk in sight. We didn't do anything huge while we were visiting, these photos are mainly just from visits to towns nearby, as well as a day we spent in Utrecht and a visit we paid to the nearby ' pluk tuin' which basically translates as ' picking garden', where you basically create your own bunch of flowers which vary in price according to size. The bunch we picked in the first photo completely matches my kimono.
The second lot of photos was actually the day before we left to Holland, although it was typically British summer weather in that it rained constantly all day, ranging from very heavy to acceptable to walk in, we managed to fit a lot in. We began with breakfast in Islington, exploring Camden passage, finding my dream street to live in (Cross Street, just off the central square) and jumping onto the nearest bus we could find to save ourselves from the downpour. We then headed down to Camden itself, which I have now decided I hate. I'd been there before and remembered seeing cheap Doc Martens so decided to brave it again. The tourists, combined with the rain and lack of cheap Doc Martens (I've now ordered a pair for £60) , put me off. We were so hungry at this point and stumbled across Villandry on Great Portland Street where we indulged on their pudding platter of a salted caramel tart, a berry pavlova, a lemon tart, white chocolate cheesecake, a warm chocolate chimney and a sorbet. We headed to Notting Hill after this, where the remains of the carnival were evident; every terraced house with a front garden was covered in litter. We popped into Lucky Seven Diner on Westbourne Park Road, which is a classic 1950s style diner that oozes Americana vibes, think jukeboxes, huge framed film posters and of course the booths, I had guacamole and fries with a lentil and mozzarella burger which was all utterly delicious.

It's currently Thursday and I'm not doing anything productive at all. I'm catching up on GBBO tonight whilst munching on homemade rolls- oh what larks. I also recently got sent the Topshop magazine to review after completing a few surveys for the Topshop panel, the issue is focused on girl power and is celebrating women in all forms whether it be models, designers, photographers, charity workers, salon owners, actresses, musicians, those featured in the magazine is endless, so I shall definitely be flicking through that as well. I'm back at school on Monday, and after watching Clueless (again) last night, I aim to make a Cher Horowitz style entrance. I have already devised an excellent playlist which I will listen to on my oh so lonely bus journey. If you're not back at school yet enjoy the last few days of summer!


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  1. These photos are so pretty, you always go to such cool places! I agree about camden, it used to have such cool stuff and now its just full of fakes and wholesale items. Shoreditch is so much better !!

  2. Such wonderful photos, especially of all the beautiful flowers! :)

  3. These are gorgeous pictures - I'd love a visit to Holland.
    How can I get hold of this Topshop magazine??

    Also, keep us updated on your Cher Horowitz ensemble on monday.

    Amalia x

  4. Gorgeous photos, I am very jealous of your trip!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  5. This all sounds lovely! I'm dying to go to Camden (perhaps on a nicer day though aha!) and those puddings you mentioned sound ah-mazing! :)

    Millie x

  6. Love your blog! I just followed you on GFC and Bloglovin, would you please follow me back? :)
    Michaella from

  7. Cute photos and (I hope this won't sound awkward) your hair are so beautiful. Have a lovely weekend ^^

  8. I love these photos- and that wall with the paint samples is gorgeous!


  9. I really love your blog, maybe we can follow each other via Bloglovin, GFC or facebook? let me know on my blog and I’ll follow you back asap. New Post… Visit Curly Glow

  10. beautiful photos - camden passage is on my list of places to visit! xx

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  12. Hi Imogen,

    I nominated you for the sisterhood of the world bloggers awards. visit my blog for the questions, i look forward to reading your post.

    Best of wishes, Dalal

  13. Beautiful pictures! I hope you had a lovely time in my hometown, Utrecht! :) x


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