Monday, 11 August 2014

gig ticket debt


asos sandals// etsy skirt (similar)// topshop white t-bar shoes (similar)// monki long sleeved tee// etsy 90s tee (similar American Apparel)// cactus tote bag// gingham skirt// black fujifilm instax mini// oval statement ring

I was in New Look at the weekend browsing the sale, not really expecting to see anything nice as I rarely shop at New Look anymore due to it's inconsistency; sometimes it can be great whereas other months it will be the complete opposite of my taste. I managed to pick up a white crochet style summer dress as well as a paisley kimono, however when I got to the counter I had to endure the awkward experiencing of having your card declined but being too embarassed to say that you probably just don't have enough money in your account as you've been spending it all on paninis. My mum ended up running in to save the day and buying the kimono, which I've since paid her back for, but then she ended up paying for my tickets to see Klaxons (cue excited sceams) and when you're in debt with your mum, that's really not a great place to be. I've got money of my own, but I'm meant to be saving up for Doc Martens, but then I thought I could go halves with my dad and then wear them for school, but then I need to pay my mum back for the tickets and there's just so many decisions and so many nice clothes I yearn to own. This is just a (small) collection of all the beautiful things I need. I've definitely been opting for more simple things that you can mix with bigger pieces- for instance buying lots of basic tees to pair with dungarees or simple skirts. I love the 90s vibe that seems to be hovering in the air at the moment: boyish tees, mom jeans (need) and gingham on every piece of clothing in existence. I'm definitely considering getting another pair of t-bars, for a while I was insistent on getting white ones after seeing a girl rocking them in Topshop, but after seeing the black Asos ones on Ellie's blog my mind was opened to the endless possibilties of the t-bar world. They aren't the typical t-bar design, but I definitely love the black leather and classic buckle reminiscient of school days.

I hope you're all enjoying your summer hols. I still haven't achieved much. I went out for a meal at the oh so classy Nandos with two of my friends and am planning a shopping trip which will involve me crying all day due to my lack of funds, as well as a possible sleepover which will involve Netflix and plenty of food. I spent my day today catching up with last night's Made In Chelsea NYC (what has Alex done to make Jamie cry?????). See you soon!

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  1. I love this wishlist, especially the gingham skirt and the polaroid camera. I am so jealous you're going to see the Klaxons *squeals*

  2. I agree with you about opting for simple pieces. I've been doing the same recently for my sixth form wardrobe.
    I also need a new pair of t-bars. I have a pair of battered ones from like two years ago.
    Nice post x

  3. Love the look of the shoes, and I hope you enjoy the gig!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  4. I'm so glad you're back blogging !! Loved this wishlist, especially the cactus tote and sandals but I'm in debt with my mum too over a new camera and as a result am on a spending ban:(
    P.S. I NEEED to know why jamie was crying !!!!

  5. Your blog is really good love! keep up the great work hun

    Jennos Health.

  6. omg stripy t-shirt stripy jumper and cactus bag!!!!! i love !

  7. I love the stripes, gingham and cacti! Love it. I feel you when you say you're in debt because of gig tickets. Such is life. Lots of love xx

  8. Love the gingham skirt!


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