Sunday, 17 August 2014

it's impractical to go out and catch and death in a dress fit for the summer

 Cor blimey that was a lot of photos, I applaud and congratulate you if you have a slow internet connection and sat at your laptop for a good few hours waiting for these photos to load. I had so many photos piling up on my camera from various outings and thought I'd just shove them all into one big post as a sort of catch up type 'thing'. Both of these sets of photos are from a trip a couple of friends and I took to Cambridge last week some time to do some shopping and just have a general mooch around as well as a day trip I took with my family to a country house and gardens near to us; the market happened to be on in Cambridge and I spent a while browsing the book stall on the hunt for another Observer's book to add to the collection. I didn't buy anything of interest throughout the whole day, although of course I was my usual indecisive self and contemplated many things. I tried on a huge floppy hat in Topshop which was so utterly beautiful and boho-esque but sadly came with the ridiculous price tag of £35, I now sense a long eBay hunt to find one that fits my minuscule budget. The day ended with us sat in the rain at the train station under an umbrella devouring Millie's cookies.
The other photos are of course from a day trip to a country house a few towns away from us. The house itself was ok, it wasn't particularly pretty and the insides were just plain creepy: lengthy corridors with floor to ceiling cabinets full to the brim with stuffed animals in every breed and colour and shape you can imagine. My textiles theme for year 11 is going to be ' Cabinet of Curiosities' and this would have been the perfect teacher's pet research that would have impressed but alas, photography was banned. Although the house slightly disappointed, the grounds certainly exceeded expectations. They stretched for miles with bridges and lakes and fairytale paths dotted in a maze of woods and fields. We stumbled across the organic garden which had a few greenhouses peeking out at the bottom of the field. I am now insistent on buying a house with an orangery in it, which I shall fill with looming plants and cacti and an antique wooden table which I can sit and pretend to enjoy literature at.
In other news, I have become completely and utterly obsessed with Catfish and the Bottlemen, although the name evokes images of a one man blues band, they are in fact a rocky pop type band. They all walk round in leather jackets and skinny jeans and Chelsea boots looking the epitome of cool. They are yet to release an album, although the singles they've released are all incredible. It's rare that you listen to a band's songs for the first time and like them, let alone anything they've ever created. Every single song is catchy and if you watch interviews of them they are all instantly like able too. I highly recommend the song Kathleen and the song and the video to Fallout.
Hope you're all enjoying your summer hols still and hope those of you that got your results back got what you were hoping for!


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Monday, 11 August 2014

gig ticket debt


asos sandals// etsy skirt (similar)// topshop white t-bar shoes (similar)// monki long sleeved tee// etsy 90s tee (similar American Apparel)// cactus tote bag// gingham skirt// black fujifilm instax mini// oval statement ring

I was in New Look at the weekend browsing the sale, not really expecting to see anything nice as I rarely shop at New Look anymore due to it's inconsistency; sometimes it can be great whereas other months it will be the complete opposite of my taste. I managed to pick up a white crochet style summer dress as well as a paisley kimono, however when I got to the counter I had to endure the awkward experiencing of having your card declined but being too embarassed to say that you probably just don't have enough money in your account as you've been spending it all on paninis. My mum ended up running in to save the day and buying the kimono, which I've since paid her back for, but then she ended up paying for my tickets to see Klaxons (cue excited sceams) and when you're in debt with your mum, that's really not a great place to be. I've got money of my own, but I'm meant to be saving up for Doc Martens, but then I thought I could go halves with my dad and then wear them for school, but then I need to pay my mum back for the tickets and there's just so many decisions and so many nice clothes I yearn to own. This is just a (small) collection of all the beautiful things I need. I've definitely been opting for more simple things that you can mix with bigger pieces- for instance buying lots of basic tees to pair with dungarees or simple skirts. I love the 90s vibe that seems to be hovering in the air at the moment: boyish tees, mom jeans (need) and gingham on every piece of clothing in existence. I'm definitely considering getting another pair of t-bars, for a while I was insistent on getting white ones after seeing a girl rocking them in Topshop, but after seeing the black Asos ones on Ellie's blog my mind was opened to the endless possibilties of the t-bar world. They aren't the typical t-bar design, but I definitely love the black leather and classic buckle reminiscient of school days.

I hope you're all enjoying your summer hols. I still haven't achieved much. I went out for a meal at the oh so classy Nandos with two of my friends and am planning a shopping trip which will involve me crying all day due to my lack of funds, as well as a possible sleepover which will involve Netflix and plenty of food. I spent my day today catching up with last night's Made In Chelsea NYC (what has Alex done to make Jamie cry?????). See you soon!

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