Sunday, 4 January 2015

twenty nine different attributes and only seven that you like

Hellooooo. I hope you all had wonderful Christmases and New years, I had a lovely Christmas. I watched loads of tv and got some really cool presents including Catfish and the Bottlemen's album, as well as Taylor Swift's album (it is no secret I love Taylor Swift), I also got a record player which I was so incredibly pleased with, it's bright orange and portable and so much cooler than I had anticipated. My other presents were mainly small things, I got some really cool books, jewellery, things from Lush, the usual stocking fillers. The day after boxing day we went out for a meal at Yo Sushi and went bowling afterwards and since then I hadn't really left the house. My mum and brother went to Holland for new years so my dad and I just took this time to watch every single film in existence. I can't remember half the films I watched, I watched that many. 
Ever since I went to London for new years 2012, I've hated celebrating it. I just loathe it and I really do think it stems from being stuck in London at 2am, surrounded by drunks and dragging yourself miles across the city accompanied by so many intoxicated humans to attempt to find a tube station that is actually open. Your feet are being battered with blisters and you're wondering how on earth you're ever going to get home. You didn't even get a good glimpse of the fireworks as you were forced to sit on the cold floor and you are up to your ankles in rubbish mainly consisting of beer cans and every form of food packaging you can fathom. I don't recommend the experience. This year I watched the Queen concert with my dad providing a riveting running commentary and also watched Jools Holland because what's not to love about Paloma Faith and Paolo Nutini both in one show.

Anyway, apart from being lazy and staying cooped up indoors, my dad and I drove down to London to visit Kew gardens, as it's one of those places that's always seemed to go unnoticed on the metaphorical bucket list. It was such a trek, more than an hour on the tube just to get there, but it was completely worth it. As soon as you enter the large glasshouse you're hit with this wall of heat, you glance up and there are plants that are dangerously close to the glass panel roofing. Victorian ironwork surrounds you and a beautiful spiral staircase leads you to a balcony that lines the whole glasshouse and overlooks everything. For some odd reason there's something really magical about it, just being surrounded by greenery everywhere you look. Although the second greenhouse wasn't as aesthetically pleasing architecturally, it was filled to the brim with every form of cactus you can imagine. It is also no secret that I love cacti and have accumulated a collection that's taking up an ever growing amount of space in my conservatory, so it was exciting to see that there were so many more types than I first thought, and that our collection is nowhere near finished yet. 

After Kew Gardens I was dragged by my dad to a pop up exhibition they were holding at the British Film Institute on the South Bank where they were showing never before seen Polaroids and unused scripts from the first Star Wars movie, due to this distraction, by the time we reached Brick Lane at the end of the afternoon the light had all but faded as we made our way down to Beyond Retro as I'd intended on getting some serious inspiration for prom. On the way back we had a quick mooch around the vintage basement and managed to scrounge a barely used a-ha album for £5. 

In other news I have become fully obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I believe it is the ultimate 90s show, complete with awesome characters and some sometimes questionable but mostly just really cool outfits. Willow (played by Alyson Hannigan) has been known to sport a faded scooby-doo tee and Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) rocks the all leather look when she goes out slaying. I'm not sure why I'm such a fan, it's just a really great show with a really great theme tune and it's written by Joss Whedon who is undoubtedly the king of screenwriting. It's on netflix and I can't recommend it enough.

In music news, I've become obsessed with the Strokes. I was always one of those half-fans, you like a couple of songs but don't really have any knowledge of them. I never realised that they are such a great band, and they're one of those bands where you like most of their songs and are quite 'easy listening'. They also have some cool videos, and their front man, Julian Casablancas, is hard to beat.

Have a great last night before back to school or college or whatever you're returning to. I've still got the day off tomorrow and am planning some serious internet shopping alongside watching Palo Alto. 

Love, Imo

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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

to keep on walking when there's nowhere to go

Before I begin, I feel an apology is in order. I'm not entirely sure what happened with blogging, I think alongside not doing anything interesting, or forgetting to record interesting events, as well as the inevitable end of term mock exams, practise assessments etc, blogging didn't really get a look in. There's far too much to update you on, dating all the way back to half term in October. I went to Brighton in half term, and since then I've been to look at sixth forms and pondered over A-level choices; revised for mock exams; watched a meteor shower with my closest group of friends, wrapped in duvets with Christmas songs playing softly in the distance. It's such a cliche but I really did feel so at peace and satisfied with life just standing under the stars feeling insignificant yet so happy. It would have been a great scene in an 80s movie with Tears for Fears playing over the top.

Due to Christmas looming close, my mum and I felt it an appropriate excuse to take another London trip. We began at Whole Foods as it never gets old. Although Whole Foods has such a predictable crowd (think New Balance trainers, iPhones, etc) although it is essentially just a supermarket that sells prettily packaged products and labels screaming ' organic ', it still boasts a great atmosphere and endless photo opportunities.

After grabbing a cinnamon doughnut and watching over the Kensington street from the cafe above, we headed up to Islington as I wanted to show my mum Camden Passage after loving it when I went there with my dad. They had a market on on this day in particular so the usual quiet atmosphere had been transformed to a whirlwind of shoppers, from families doing their Christmas shopping to the odd vintage shopper nonchalantly browsing the dress racks propped up against railings. As I'm in Year 11, apart from the obvious exams, this year also involves the stress of prom. Although I don't condone those who choose to go down the typical prom dress route, I really do not feel the excessively vibrant colours and flammable materials are for me and really want to go down the vintage route. I'm not at all a fan of the whole pin-up, victory rolls look, although it can suit some people I want to go a tad subtler. As of yet I'm undecided, but definitely want to go for a 1920s lace dress, or a 1950s pastel prom dress. Then again, Topshop Unique and Asos also do really pretty prom dresses that are not the typical prom dress style. However, if I were to go down the vintage route, Camden Passage is definitely somewhere I'd love to shop. My absolute favourite vintage shop ever (besides the likes of Beyond Retro) is the shop Fat Faced Cat (click to visit their website), which houses a treasure trove of vintage dresses alongside penguin classics and battered Chelsea boots that line the bulging shelves.

After our jaunt to Islington and a trip through my favourite Cross Street and being nosey at people's Christmas trees, we headed to outer suburbia and went out to Highgate. Although I do enjoy Highgate, it really doesn't feel like London, watching the city spread out in front of you, although it cannot be argued the endless Victorian terraces and stooped houses are easy to envy.
By the time we reached Highgate the light was fading and twinkly Christmas lights strung in the bare trees on the green in Highgate were the only source of light. We stopped for red velvet cake and tea at this point before heading back to the train to rest our battered feet.

In other news, despite breaking up from school and simply wanting to relax and lounge about all day binge watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix, I have been surprisingly productive. We battled the throng of Christmas shoppers in Sainsburys and wrapped presents and I also managed to meet up with friends yesterday. Myself, Anne Claire and Alex grabbed breakfast at Bill's (blueberry pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup accompanied with peach ice tea) and then went and got our nails done in wintry shades at a local nail salon. We then headed back to Anne Claire's where we baked far too many cookies, attempted to decorate them and eventually ended up on Tumblr, beaten by the wretched biscuits. Today I wrapped even more presents and I sense tomorrow will become a pyjamas all day on sofa whilst watching every Christmas movie in existence day. I wish you all a merry Christmas, I hope you all have a absolutely brilliant day and get some great presents. I hope to blog before the new year but if not happy new year too. I'm hoping to head to London in the new year and will definitely blog about it. I'm aiming to buy more vintage next year and want to blog more about music and clothes and get my act together. Speak to you soon!

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

east london's not a bombsite, it's a treasure chest

I felt these Wombats lyrics from the song Techno Fan were extremely appropriate for this post. We drove up to London again today to pop into in the British Library and wander down to Columbia Road's flower market, as I'd never been before and was hoping for some flowers I could later press, or some cacti to add to the dangerously ever growing collection.

We arrived in London at around 11, beginning at the British Library and accidentally stumbling upon the nearby North Gower Street where they film Sherlock. I immediately positioned myself before the door, along with a few other Sherlockians. We all shared a knowing smile as we took our turn to pose, much to the amusement of the flat's occupient, who came out halfway through with an expression that read ' oh not these geeks again'.

 After mooching round the Bloomsbury area of London for a few hours we took a bus down to Shoreditch high street. The vibe in Shoreditch and East London in general is so warm and lively, everywhere something  is taking place and shops boast bright window displays and hanging signs. The atmosphere is so welcoming compared to some of the cold spots around central London. The area that surrounds Euston is probably not one of my favourites, it feels like everyone that is there is trying to get somewhere else and although it's true for most of London- no one acknowledges each other.

We had lunch in a small local cafe that marks the start of Columbia Road Market that went by the name of Maison Dellys. It had beautiful original oak floorboards that gave a satisfying creak as you paced around on them, and the walls were panelled wood with a peeling white paint. The staff here were so lovely and the prices were incredibly reasonable, as lunch for all three of us was £11. I might also add that I can honestly say it was the best tea I've ever had in a cafe, (you know how tea in cafes is never the same as the tea you make at home). After refuelling we headed down to the flower market and were met with a throng of people. The street itself is fairly small, with the two sides lined with cutesy independent shops in an array of colours with quirky names, but the street inbetween is crammed full with stall upon stall of flowers, in bunches and pots mixed with whole branches and individual cacti, flowering in every colour fathomable. There are so many people that at some points you feel as if you are going to fall straight into a flower bed, people pushing you frustratingly from every angle. However, the prices and friendly atmosphere make the hoard worth it.

On the walk back to the tube station we walked through Tower Hamlets suburbia. Cottages with overgrown gardens are nestled inbetween blocks of flats in a juxtapostion of classic Victoria London and modern cheap housing. I hope to study in London when I go to University and areas like Shoreditch, which are just out of the city but not too far out are where I dream to live.

Hope you've all had a good weekend, I spent my Sunday night eating apple and pecan pie and catching up on various blogs. Half term is calling and I'm hoping to go away to Brighton for a few days, I will try and blog before then, but if not, have a good week or two!


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